Phone companies from Italy :

Tim / Telecom Italia
The historic Phone Company of Italy
is Telecom Italia / TIM founded in 1925 as Stipel.
In 1964 Stipel was renamed into SIP
(Societa Italiana per l'Esercizio Telefonico)

2015 Telecom Italia changed it's name to TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile))
reuniting the companies landlines and mobile lines

Vodafone.itVodafone Italia is another large Phonecompany in Italy.
The company goes back to the acquisition of Pronto and Omnitel
and is fully owned by the Britih Vodafone Group
founded in 1982 as Racal Electronics

The name Vodafone comes from
"Vo"ice "Da"ta and "phone", misspelled as "fone"

Wind Tre.itWind Tre is another large phonecompany in Italy.
The company goes back to a 2016 merger of
Wind Telecomunicazioni and 3 Italia.
Scine 2020 all company activities are brandes as "Wind Tre"

Wind was established in 1997 by Enel
an Italian Electricity company..
1995 it was sold to Wind Telecom (ex Weather Investments SpA)

3 is a Telecommunications brand founded in 2002 in Hong Kong
by Hutchison Whampoa.The logo is a visual representation of the number 3

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