What to do if someone is difficult to find ? :

Try all different People Search Engines offered by Whitepages.it
Every Engine has different results,
Some people are listed in serveral directories
Others can be found in just one ...
Others can't be found anywhere
Use all Search Engines below ....

classic White Pages
free of charges
Pagine BianchePhone Directory by Pagine Bianche


Genealogy Sites
free of charges
Geni Genealogy Data by Geni
this databas might help you to connect
with relatives of the person you are looking for

Different Social Media Pages
social media

InstagramInstagram Database

FacebookFacebook Database

LinkedinLinkedin Database of Professional People
these databases allow you to send messages

small charges involved
Spokeo Database
this database uses very sorphisticated
people search tools

Gov Pages
search through the Government
Italy GovItaly Gov Search
this search engine goes through
all the Italian ministeries,
maybe the person you are looking for
has been mentioned at some point.

Other Countries

Phone Book of the World.com
Phone Book of the World.com
Annuaire du Monde.com

maybe the person you are looking for has moved
and can be found through the directory of another country

good luck ...

White Pages.it