White Pages around the World :

All major Phone Directories can be found in the Phone Book of the World
Tutti i principali elenchi telefonici possono essere trovati nel Phone Book of the World
Phone Book of the World.com

In most countries
Directories are called "White Pages":
Nella maggior parte dei paesi Elenchi Telefonici sono chiamate
"White Pages"

Telecom World Zone +1
North America / Nord Amerika

White Pages.comWhitepages.ca (Canada)
Whitepages.co.tt (Trinidad and Tobago / Trinidad e Tobago)
Whitepages.com (United States / Stati Uniti)

Telecom World Zone +2
Whitepages.com.cm (Cameroon / Camerun)
Whitepages.ma (Morocco / Marocco)
Whitepages.ng (Nigeria)
Whitepages.sn (Senegal)
Whitepages.ug (Uganda)
White Pages.co.zaWhitepages.co.za (South Africa / Suedafrika)

Telecom World Zone +3 / +4
Europe / Europa

White Pages.atWhitepages.at (Austria)
White Pages.beWhitepages.be (Belgium / Belgio)

Whitepages.com.hr (Croatia / Croazia)
Whitepages.cz (Czech Republic / Repubblica Ceca)
Whitepages.ee (Estonia)
Whitepages.fr (France / Francia)
Whitepages.de (Germany / Germania)
Whitepages.com.gr (Greece / Grecia)
Whitepages.ie (Ireland / Irlanda)

White Pages.it
Whitepages.it (Italy / Italiia)
Whitepages.lt (Lithuania / Lituania)
Whitepages.lv (Latvia / Lettonia)
Whitepages.no (Norway / Norvegia)
Whitepages.pl (Poland / Polonia)
Whitepages.com.pt (Portugal / Portogallo)

White Pages.es Whitepages.es (Spain / Spagna)
Whitepages.ch (Switzerland / Svizzera)

Telecom World Zone +5
Latin America / America Latina
White Pages.com.arWhitepages.ar (Argentina / Argentino)
Whitepages.bz (Belize)
Whitepages.com.br (Brazil / Brasile)
Whitepages.cl (Chile)
Whitepages.com.co (Colombia)
White Pages.mx Whitepages.mx (Mexico / Messico)
Whitepages.com.ve (Venezuela)

Telecom World Zone +6
South Asia / Asia del Sud

White Pages.com.auWhitepages.com.au (Australia)
White Pages.com.fj Whitepages.com.fj (Fiji / Figi)
Whitepages.id (Indonesia / Indonesien)
Whitepages.my (Malaysia)

White Pages.co.nz Whitepages.co.nz (New Zealand / Nuova Zelanda)

White Pages.com.pg Whitepages.com.pg (Papua New Guinea / Papua Nuova Guinea)
Whitepages.com.sg (Singapore / Singapur)

Telecom World Zone +7
Whitepages.kz (Kazakhstan / Kazakistan)
Whitepages.com.ru (Russia)

Telecom World Zone +8
North Asia / Asia Settentrionale

White Pages.jpWhitepages.jp (Japan / Giappone)
Whitepages.hk (Hong Kong)
Whitepages.kr (South Korea / Corea del Sud)
Whitepages.tw (Taiwan)
Whitepages.vn (Vietnam)

Telecom World Zone +9
Middle East / Medio Oriente

Whitepages.af (Afghanistan)
White Pages.com.lb Whitepages.com.lb (Lebanon / Libano)

White Pages.in Whitepages.in (India)
Whitepages.com.pk (Pakistan)
Whitepages.lk (Sri Lanka)
Whitepages.mn (Mongolia)
Whitepages.tm (Turkmenistan)

White Pages.aeWhitepages.ae (United Arab Emirats / Emirati Arabi Uniti)